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Dear Colleague,

GTC is proud to present the 4th Next Generation Sequencing Conference to be held on June 19-20 in San Diego, CA. With the rapid evolution of sequencing technology and its implementation into multiple applications, there is a continued need for discussion: How do we apply the technology to our own research? What do we do with all of this sequencing data? What are the best ways to run a sequencing lab?

The 4th Next Generation Sequencing Conference will provide a forum for industry, academic and government leaders in the field to present on the current and future applications of the technology as well as share strategies, best practices and protocols on the usage of the tool. Hot topics that will be covered include clinical diagnostics development, the microbiome and infectious disease applications, bioinformatics and methods of data analysis, nanopore sequencing and other future sequencing technologies on the horizon. Attend this conference to network with fellow scientists and researchers and learn about sequencing technologies that are available, how they are being applied and what are the strategies for handling the data.

Sessions for 2014’s agenda are:
     I. Applications of NGS Platforms
     II. Current & Emerging Sequencing Technologies
     III. Single Cell Sequencing
     IV. RNA Sequencing
     V. Human Metagenomics & the Microbiome
     VI. Biomarker Discovery & Clinical Applications

Keynote & Featured Speakers

Clive Brown
Chief Technology Officer
Oxford Nanopore

Xiaohua Huang
Associate Professor of Bioengineering
UC San Diego

Tomoji Kawai
FIRST Program, ISIR-Sanken
Osaka University

Ramesh Ramanathan
Clinical Professor and Deputy Director of Clinical Translational Research Division

Mostafa Ronaghi
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
George Weinstock
Professor & Associate Director
Washington University
Call for Papers!

To be considered for an oral presentation, please submit an abstract here by May 19, 2014.

Presentation slots fill up fast so please submit your abstract ASAP.

Selected presentations will be based on quality of abstract and availability.


The Next Generation Sequencing Conference is part of the Nucleic Acid Summit which includes the following co-located conferences:
- Bioinformatics & Pharmacogenomics Conference: Managing and Analyzing Big Data
- Nucleic Acid Research & Discovery Conference
- Non-Coding RNAs and RNAi Research & Therapeutics Conference

Members of the Advisory Board:

Stuart Brown , Director of the Research Computing Resource, New York University School of Medicine
Patrick Descombes, Head of Functional Genomics Core, Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences SA
Massimiliano Di Ventra, Professor of Physics, University of California San Diego
Jason Dwyer, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Rhode Island
Liliana D. Florea, Assistant Professor, McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
James B. Hicks, Research Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Doron Lipson, Director, Computational Biology, Foundation Medicine
Gholson J. Lyon, Assistant Professor, Human Genetics, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Utah Foundation for Biomedical Research
Zemin Ning, Senior Scientific Manager, Sequence Assembly and Analysis, The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Corey Nislow, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Kelly Oliner, Principle Scientist, In Vitro Diagnostics, Amgen
Katherine Payne, Professor of Health Economics, University of Manchester
Anoja Perera, Lab Manager, Stowers Institute
Stanislav Polonsky , Research Staff Member , IBM
Murray Robinson, SVP, Translational Medicine, AVEO Oncology
Mostafa Ronaghi, Ph.D. , Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Illumina Inc.
Gary Schroth, Senior Director, Expressions Application R&D, Illumina
Todd Smith, Senior Leader Research and Applications, Perkin Elmer / Geospiza
Lori Snyder, Reader, Kingston University
John Thompson, Head of Applications Development, NABsys
Zhongming Zhao, Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Chief Bioinformatics Officer, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

See you in San Diego!

Best regards,

The 2014 Advisory Committee

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