7th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry
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Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to present the 7th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry Conference on May 8-10, 2013 in Boston, MA. The challenges facing our industry are being met by innovation in all areas of research, from methods for identification of new targets to efficient informatics. We invite you to join us at a multi-disciplinary meeting where lead investigators in the areas of epigenetics, protein::protein targets, fragment screening technologies and more will share perspectives in these exciting fields.

A few topics our delegates can look forward to learning about:

  • Case studies in successful modulators of neural, oncology and immunological targets
  • The use of small molecules to engineer human immune responses
  • How in silico tools are being used in the design of new therapeutic agents
  • Perspectives on Chemical Biology and whole organism screening
  • Experimental and computational advances in fragment-screening
An overview of the conference agenda:

  1. Emerging Targets in Drug Discovery
  2. New Computational Methods in Drug Design
  3. Novel Methods in Drug Design
  4. Advances in Hit-Finding Strategies
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This conference is co-located with three others in our 3rd Epigenetics in Drug Discovery

6th Imaging in Drug Discovery and Development

Inaugural Orphan Drugs Research & Commercialization

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We hope you’ll join us in Boston for this exciting meeting!

Best regards,

The 2013 Advisory Committee
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