8th Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery
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Dear Colleague,

Despite the hundreds of kinase inhibitors currently in discovery and pre-clinical phases, the number of kinase inhibitors which have been approved and are on the market remains low by comparison. This discrepancy reflects the challenges which accompany the development of ATP-competitive kinase inhibitors, including low specificity and off-target binding. There is also the problem of gatekeeper-associated drug resistance. To remain competitive in the kinase field, stay abreast with recent development trends and technological advancements aimed at circumventing these issues. We will also provide you with a broad overview of the role kinases play in various types of cancer and inflammatory diseases as well as introduce you to several novel kinases and inhibitor candidates.

GTCbio is proud to present our 8th Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery Conference! This meeting will be held July 8-9, 2013 at the Westin Copley Place Boston Hotel in historical Boston, Massachusetts, one of the most concentrated academic and industrial areas in the United States. We will bring together industry leaders from major pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies as well as top researchers from academia and government to provide you with a better understanding of the structural basis of kinase regulation, complex activities of kinase networks in the cells and emerging solutions to the current challenges associated with kinase drug discovery and development. The meeting will offer you an intimate forum to engage in discourse with other distinguished researchers involved in the most cutting-edge kinase work!

Learn The Latest Trends in Kinase Drug Discovery:
  • How cell based screening can be used for the identification of new anti-cancer kinase inhibitor candidates, inhibitor target ID and analysis of off-target effects
  • Use of physiologically relevant assays, structure-based drug design tools & cheminformatics for more efficient kinase inhibitor discovery
  • Strategies to develop selective inhibitors by targeting inactive & active (DFG-out/in) conformations of different classes of kinases
  • Overview of the preclinical development of kinase inhibitors for cancer & inflammatory diseases
  • Discovery of new kinase signaling networks controlling cancer cell survival and proliferation
  • Development of new strategies for overcoming cancer cell resistance to the current tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Sessions for 2013 Agenda:

I. Overcoming Challenges in Kinase Drug Development
II. Trends in Drug Design & Screening Strategies
III. Mechanisms of Kinase Regulation
IV. Oncology Kinases & Inhibitor Candidates
V. Emerging Kinases & Inhibitor Candidates

Sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities are available in a range of levels, which can be tailored to fit your needs. Please contact Amber Kempf at 626-256-6405 x110 or spex@gtcbio.com for more information.

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Organizing Committee

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