2nd Allergy & Respiratory Drug Discovery Conference
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Dear Colleague,

GTC is delighted to present the 2nd Allergy & Respiratory Drug Discovery Conference, to be held on January 31 - February 1, 2013. The conference will bring together industry, academia and government experts in the field of allergy, asthma and COPD. Experts will facilitate discourse on the challenges and opportunities for therapeutic and drug development for allergic diseases for the current and future generations. Topics will range from basic scientific research to biomarkers and clinical development. Novel immune targets, new therapeutic interventions, genetics, epigenetics and biomarkers in allergic diseases will be presented. Below is a list of sessions and topics that are planned for the conference:

Novel Immune Targets in Allergy

- IL-33 as a potential target

- IgE Antibodies to Galactose-alpha-1, 3-galactose (alpha-gal)

- Eosinophils
- Dectin-2

- The role of Th-17

New Therapeutic Interventions for Allergic Diseases

- IgE targeted therapeutics

- Vaccination approaches for asthma and allergic diseases

- Inhaled biologics

- Immunotherapy

- Dietary polyphenols

- Anti-histamines

Genetic, Epigenetic & Environmental Factors of Atopic Diseases

- Innate immunology

- Microbial stimuli/ commensal bacteria (the microbiome)

- Epigenetics in allergic diseases

- Genetics in asthma

- Hygiene Hypothesis

Biomarkers and Clinical Development in Allergic Diseases

- Translation into the clinic

- Periostin as a diagnostic

- Basophils as markers

- Mast Cells

- Personalized Healthcare

This conference is also part of the 2nd Novel Immunotherapeutics Summit, which consists of three other concurrent conferences. In addition, an optional workshop will be held on January 30, 2013.

2nd Novel Immunotherapeutics Summit:
Workshop: Immune Responses in Tumor Microenvironment
Track: 2nd Allergy & Respiratory Drug Discovery
5th Immunotherapeutics & Immunomonitoring
Track: 11th Cytokines & Inflammation
Track: Immunogenicity & Immunotoxicity

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Call for Papers!

To be considered for an oral presentation, please submit an abstract here by December 31, 2012. Selected presentations will be based on quality of abstract and availability. Presentation slots fill up fast so please submit your abstract ASAP.

Sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities are available in a range of levels, which can be tailored to fit your needs. Please contact 626-256-6405 x102 or spex@gtcbio.com for more information.

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Organizing Committee

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