Immunotherapy Partnering and Dealmaking
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Dear Colleague,

The Immunotherapeutics Partnering & Deal Making Conference is an immunotherapeutics partnering and business development conference that gives global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies an opportunity to network with high-level executives from top pharma and various biotech/pharmaceutical companies, as well as explore potential collaborations, and learn about relevant immunotherapeutics issues and partnerships that will affect the industry. This event also provides a unique venue for attendees to learn about immunotherapeutics business development trends, the market, and novel technologies that shape up the industry.

We have assembled an impressive group of speakers to address a broad range of topics, formally structured into the following sessions:

Investments, Partnerships & Acquisitions
Recent Models of Deals and Trends in Immunotherapeutics
Innovative Partnering & Licensing Strategies
Novel Technological Advances in Immunotherapeutics
Recent Advances and Developments in Immunotherapeutics

Panel: Investments and Partnership Opportunities in the Immunotherapeutics Space
Panel: Strategic Trends in Immunotherapeutics

This conference is also part of the Novel Immunotherapeutics Summit, which consists of this track and three other tracks:
1) 4th Immunotherapeutics and Immunomonitoring
10th Cytokines and Inflammation
Allergy Drug Discovery and Development

We hope you can join your business development colleagues at this unique partnering forum.

Best regards,
2012 Immunotherapeutics Partnering Organizing Committee

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