Changing conferences to transformational platforms

Satish Medicetty | February 2nd, 2017

Few months ago when I acquired GTCbio, a company that develops and organizes conferences, my colleagues and friends were wondering if this was a change in my biotech & pharma career path. However, I see this as a strategic opportunity to create a platform that can discuss new  ideas and technologies to enable transformation of future healthcare options. I believe this will allow me to be a part of many new projects and teams, and also create great opportunities for other professionals. Whether it is a diagnostic or a therapeutic everything starts with an idea that requires researchers, clinicians, investors, policy makers and eventually the patients to “Come Together” as a team to turn it into a healthcare option. The “Come Together” part is what a typical conference/meeting does, however just coming together is not sufficient. It is important to turn a conference into a transformational platform that promotes the concept of “Drive Together” to get the best results. In line with my vision we have a new tagline for GTCBio – “Together we Drive the Future”.

I hope to share my thoughts and how we are creating conferences that will promote the “Drive Together” concept and I would welcome any feedback and ideas from you all. Historically GTCbio has been conducting small conferences that will provide better networking opportunities for all attendees. We are in the process of implementing several changes that we believe will change our conferences to transformational platforms. Stay tuned for more …..

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