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CNS Partnering & Deal-Making

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CNS Partnering & Deal-Making

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Dear Colleague,

We are excited to announce the 10th CNS Partnering & Deal-Making Conference, to be held September 11-12, 2017 in Boston, MA.

Over the years, this partnering and business development conference has provided an opportunity for all stakeholders in the field to network and explore potential collaborations. Global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, patient groups and foundations, government agencies, investors, and regulatory folks have gathered to discuss partnering strategies as well as emerging research areas and trends to keep an eye on.

This meeting seeks to form discussion on all topics from bench to bedside, from changing paradigm in scientific approaches in CNS disorders to partnerships for open innovation to pricing and reimbursement considerations. Colleagues will dialogue and form new relationships in order to forge a path forward into the future of neuroscience.

Session Topics:

Joint Plenary Sessions:
I.  Opening Keynote Session – Historical Perspective & Current State of the Industry
II.  Round Table Discussions: Neuroinflammation, Neuroimaging & Translational Biomarkers 
III.  Ready, Set, Grow – New Company/Technology Pitch Competition
IV.  Award Ceremony & Closing Keynote Session – Predictions for future

10th CNS Partnering & Deal-making
I.  What’s New in CNS – Targets, Models, Assays, etc.
II.  Industry Partnering with Academia & CROs to Advance Research
III.  CNS Perspectives from Venture Capital & Public Markets
IV.  Technology Transfer & Licensing: Challenges & Opportunities

We hope to see you in Boston!

Best regards,

The 2017 Advisory Committee