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GPCR Targeted Screening

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GPCR Targeted Screening

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Dear Colleague,

We invite you to attend the 5th GPCR Targeted Screening Conference, which will take place on November 16-17, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. G protein-coupled receptors are the largest family of protein receptors and account for one of the largest classes for drug targets currently in the market. Continued breakthrough and insights into the structural biology of GPCRs have opened up greater potential of this target class to impact drug discovery and renewed interest in this field.

The landscape for drug discovery has changed drastically over the past few years: private and public partnerships are changing how research is being done, researchers are using 3D model systems in hopes of improving clinical outcomes, and emerging target classes are changing traditional conceptions of the drug discovery process. Leaders in the field will share about advances in topics such as GPCRs in diseases, approaches to GPCR signaling, and biased signaling. Join us as we discuss basic biology to translational research in the field of GPCRs and gather for dedicated networking sessions with colleagues from academia and industry.

Session topics:

  1. Opening Plenary: Chemical Biology for Target Identification and Validation
  2. GPCR Structure-Based Drug Discovery
  3. GPCR Signaling Pathways and Mechanisms
  4. GPCRs in Metabolism
  5. Screening Technologies for GPCRs
  6. Closing Plenary: Hot Topics in Drug Discovery for the Future

We hope to see you there!

Best regards,

The 2017 Advisory Committee

2017 Advisory Board Members
Christel Menet, Confo Therapeutics
Eugenia Gurevich, Vanderbilt University
Tom Salt, University College London
Aylin Hanyaloglu, Imperial College London
Suzie Chen, Rutgers University
Philip Reeves, University of Essex
Patricia McDonald, The Scripps Research Institute
Christoph Klenk, University of Zurich
Dmitry Veprintsev, Paul Scherrer Institute
Peter Chidiac, University of Western Ontario
Graeme Milligan, University of Glasgow
Ruben Abagyan, University of California, San Diego
John Allen, UTMB
Ralf Jockers, INSERM
Toon Laeremans, Confo Therapeutics
Javier González-Maeso, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine