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Stem Cell Summit

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Stem Cell Summit

Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Product Development & Commercialization

Dear Colleague,

GTCbio is proud to present the Stem Cell Summit 2017, to be held on April 5-7, 2017 in Boston, MA. GTCbio’s Stem Cell Summit provides cutting-edge information on developments in all areas of stem cell research from bench to bedside, including the biology, medicine, applications, regulations, product development, and the commercialization of stem cells.

Recent developments in pre-clinical and clinical trials of stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, stem cell reprogramming, cell therapy in diabetes, regulatory policies regarding stem cell research, and manufacturing will all be discussed. Business opportunities, challenges, and potential strategies for overcoming these challenges will also be addressed. Come join us to learn what categories of companies are currently commercially viable, how they’re being funded, and what kind of strategic relationships are available within the industry!

Stem Cell Summit 2017 includes two back-to-back conferences including joint plenary session:

Conference 1: 14th Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine

  1. Advances in Adult & Pluripotent Stem Cell Research
  2. Revolution in Immunotherapy
  3. Translation to the Clinic: What’s in the Pipeline

Joint: Plenary Session

  1. Where do We Stand with Cell Therapy in Diabetes?

Conference 2: 6th Stem Cell Product Development & Commercialization

  1. Stem Cells for Drug Discovery & Disease Modeling
  2. Regulatory Challenges in Cell Therapy
  3. Manufacturing and Scalable Processes
  4. Commercialization: Creating Sustainable Business Models
  5. Funding and Partnering
  6. Biotech Showcase: Emerging Pipelines


Best regards,

The 2017 Advisory Committee

2017 Advisory Board Members
Stephen Chang, The New York Stem Cell Foundation
Douglas Losordo, Caladrius Biosciences
Robert Deans, BlueRock Therapeutics
Alain Vertes, NxR Biotechnologies GmbH
Daniel Anderson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Edward Lanphier, Sangamo Biosciences
Khalid Shah, Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts General Hospital
Yang (Ted) Teng, Harvard University & The Brigham and Women’s Hospital
James Ankrum, University of Iowa
Hardy T S Kagimoto, Healios K.K (RIKEN Venture)
Anthony Ting, Athersys
Robert Halliwell, University of the Pacific
Devyn Smith, Pfizer
Jiwen Zhang, GE Healthcare
Julie G. Allickson, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Tiina Palomaki, Finnish Medicines Agency
Satish Medicetty, GTCbio