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Dear Colleague,

GTCbio is proud to present the 15th Stem Cell Summit, to be held in Boston, MA. The Stem Cell Summit provides information on cutting-edge developments in all areas of stem cell research from bench to bedside, including the biology, medicine, applications, regulations, product development, and the commercialization of stem cells. This summit comprises of presentations, panels and round-table discussions to highlight pre-clinical and clinical studies in regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, stem cell reprogramming, cell therapy in diabetes, regulatory policies regarding stem cell research, manufacturing and other relevant topics.

melton douglas - Stem Cell SummitDouglas Melton
Principal Investigator; HHMI
Professor; Harvard University
Keirstead Hans - Stem Cell SummitHans Keirstead 
Chief Executive Officer
AIVITA Biomedical
Snyder Evan - Stem Cell SummitEvan Snyder
Professor and Director, Program in Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

erin kimbrel

Erin Kimbrel                              Senior Director of Development  Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine

The 15th Stem Cell Summit includes two conferences including the joint plenary session:

Joint Sessions:

  1. Plenary Keynote: Historical Perspective and State of the Industry
  2. Round Table Sessions
  3. Lunch Session: Regulatory Challenges in Cell Therapy
  4. Award Ceremony and Closing Keynote Session – Predictions for the Future

Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine:

  1. Advances in Adult Stem Cell Research
  2. Advances in Pluripotent Stem Cell Research
  3. Translation to the Clinic: What’s in the Pipeline
  4. Revolution in Immunotherapy

Stem Cell Product Development & Commercialization:

  1. Stem Cells for Drug Discovery and Disease Modeling
  2. Partnering between Industry, Academia and CROs to Advance Research
  3. Manufacturing and Scalable Processes for Cell Therapy
  4. Funding & Commercialization of Cell Therapy

We hope to see you in Boston!

Best regards,

The 2018 Advisory Committee

2018 Advisory Board Members
Anthony Ting, Athersys
Robert Deans, BlueRock Therapeutics
Douglas Losordo, Caladrius Biosciences
Evan Y. Snyder, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
Mark Zimmerman, Viacyte
Matthew Durdy, Cell Therapy Catapult
Gil Sambrano, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Alain Vertès, NxR Biotechnologies GmbH
Khalid Shah, Harvard Medical School
Satish Medicetty, GTCbio


Schedule for Sessions


Continental Breakfast & Registration


Opening Remarks by GTCbio


Opening Keynote Session – Historical Perspective and State of the Science & Industry

8:30-Douglas Melton - Stem Cells for Diabetics

9:15-Hans Keirstead - Clinical and Commercial Application of Scaled Human Stem Cell Derivates


Morning Networking Break


Partnering between Industry, Academia, and CROs to Advance Research

10:30-Brock Reeve - Cross-institutional Collaboration in Academia and Industry

10:55-Anthony Ting - Advancing MultiStem for ARDS with Academia and a CRO


Advances in Adult Stem Cell Research

10:30-Sally Temple - Addressing Age-related Macular Degeneration with Adult Retinal Pigment Epithelial Stem Cells

10:55-Douglas Losordo - Recent Breakthroughs with CD34+ Cell Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease: Insights from Clinical Trials in >700 Patients

11:20-Buddhadeb Dawn - Bone Marrow Cells for Heart Repair: Cumulative Clinical Evidence and Insights

11:45-Alain Vertès - Cellular Medicines for Intractable Serious and Life-Threatening Diseases


Panel Discussion: Partnering between Industry, Academia, and CROs to Advance Research

11:20-Anthony Ting - Panelist:

11:20-Yang (Ted) D Teng - Panelist:

11:20-Brock Reeve - Moderator:

11:20-Evan Snyder - Panelist:


Lunch on Provided by GTCbio


Stem Cells for Drug Discovery & Disease Modeling

1:45-James Hickman - Stem Cell Derived Human-on-a-chip Systems for Use in Efficacy and Toxicological Investigations in Pre-clinical Drug Discovery

2:10-Yang (Ted) D Teng - Devising A MedicalGas Therapy for SCI: Roles of Adult Neurogenesis

2:35-Devyn Smith - A Next Generation Modality for Cell and Gene Therapies


Advances in Pluripotent Stem Cell Research

1:45-Kristin Baldwin - Precision Engineering and Genome Editing of Human Disease-relevant Cell Types

2:10-Kevin Eggan

2:35-Hardy T S Kagimoto - Update: Healios’s Business Strategy, Management, Finance and Advancement of Pipelines

3:00-Mahendra Rao


Afternoon Networking Break


Regulatory Challenges in Cell Therapy

4:10-Toshio Miyata - Japanese Policy for Regulatory Science of Stem Cell Therapies

4:35-Melody Eble - Global Regulatory Policy and Project Update


Networking Reception & Poster Session


Continental Breakfast


Manufacturing and Scalable Processes for Cell Therapy

8:30-Katy Spink - Controlling Cost of Goods for your Autologous Process: Key Considerations and Levers

8:55-Emily Titus - Progress Towards Large Scale Manufacturing of Stem Cells for Cell Therapy

9:20-Kevin Murray - Efficient Scale Up/Scale Out of Cell Therapies

9:45-Wilfried Dalemans - Cell Therapy Manufacturing, a Continuous Development


Translation to the Clinic: What’s in the Pipeline

8:30-Jacques Galipeau - Mesenchymal Stromal Cells – Pre-clinical Science, Clinical Development and Pathway to Marketing Approval

8:55-Luis Rodriguez-Borlado Martinez - Clinical Development of CAP-1002 for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Opportunities & Challenges

9:20-Bob Valamehr - Clinical Translation of Pluripotent Cell-Derived Off-the-Shelf Natural Killer Cell Cancer Immunotherapy

9:45-Scott Olson - Clinical Trials in TBI: Preventing the Next Failure


Morning Networking Break


Funding & Commercialization of Cell Therapy

10:40-Gil Sambrano - Accelerating Stem Cell Therapy Development

11:05-Patrick Keenan - Innovative Funding to Achieve Data-Driven Value Inflections


Revolution in Immunotherapy

10:40-Khalid Shah - Next Generation of Immunomodulatory Stem Cells for Cancer

11:05-Richard Morgan - Next Generation of CAR T Cells

11:30-Paul Rennert - IMPACT: Re-engineered CAR19 T cells have Potent Activity Against Hematologic and Solid Tumors

11:55-MyLinh Duong - Controlling Adoptive T Cell Therapy with Molecular ON and OFF Switches


Panel: Funding & Commercialization of Cell Therapy

11:30-Gail Naughton - Panelist:

11:30-Michael May - Panelist:

11:30-Gregory Bonfiglio - Panelist:

11:30-Matthew Durdy - Moderator:


Lunch & Round Table Session Sponsored by Biological Industries USA


Round Table Session

12:40-Anthony Ting - Round Table 1: Barriers to Cellular Therapy Implementation

12:40-Alain Vertès - Round Table 2: Combination Therapies in Oncology: Small Molecules, Biologics, and Cell-based Therapies

12:40-Gail Naughton - Round Table 3: Developing Potency Assays to Predict Outcomes of Stem Cells After Infusion

12:40-Gregory Bonfiglio - Round Table 4: Financing Environment for Regenerative Medicine Technologies


Award Ceremony & Closing Keynote Session: Predictions for the Future

1:25-Evan Snyder - Using Stem Cells to Model Neurological Disease & Advance Personalized Medicine

2:10-Erin Kimbrel - A Glimpse of the Next 10 Years for Pluripotent Stem Cell-based Therapies


Keynote Panel Discussion

2:25-Erin Kimbrel - Moderator:

2:25-Evan Snyder - Panelist:

2:25-Sally Temple - Panelist:


Summit Concludes


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