Mentoring and Partnering Opportunities at GTCbio Conference

As our conferences offer small and focused platforms within a specific scientific discipline, these are effective vehicles to facilitate specific mentoring and partnering sessions for young professionals. Most of our conferences will include “Breakfast with Mentors from Academia and Industry”. The goal of these breakfast meetings is to connect young delegates entering the field with seasoned, experienced mentors who have valuable insight about the industry.

In addition, we are engaging Program Partners and interested organizations in Focus Group Meetings (FGM) on the evening before the conference begins. These FGMs are meant to facilitate partnering at various levels, and we would like to invite a few delegates to participate in these meetings to acquire skills that would prepare them to find and build successful partnerships.

Furthermore, all our conferences offer a lunch session dedicated to pitches from new companies and entrepreneurs. This will provide a great opportunity for delegates to learn and network with the entrepreneurs who took the plunge and started their business, as well as meet the panel of experts who will be evaluating these new companies.

Contact us and participate in our conferences for more effective mentoring and partnering opportunities!

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