Antoine Dufour

Postdoctoral Fellow, Chris Overall Lab

University of British Columbia

Antoine Dufour

Antoine Dufour, Ph.D., is a post-doctoral fellow funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) in the laboratory of Chris Overall, the pioneer of degradomics, at the University of British Columbia. He received his doctoral degree from Stony Brook University in chemical biology working on the development of exosite inhibitors (patent STONYB-16639) for the inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases during cancer cell migration, invasion, angiogenesis and tumor metastasis. In 2014, Dr. Dufour was the chair of the Gordon Research Seminar “Proteolytic Enzymes & Their Inhibitors” in Il Ciocco, Italy. He currently studies the role of various proteases in immune regulation, viral response, cancer and autoimmune/inflammatory diseases using degradomics and proteomics.

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