Blythe Sather

Associate Director

Juno Therapeutics

Blythe Sather

Dr. Blythe Sather received her PhD from the University of Washington, Department of Immunology in 2007. For her thesis, she focused on understanding the role of homing receptors on the function of regulatory T cells in the laboratory of Dr. Danial Campbell at the Benaroya Research Institute in Seattle. During her postdoctoral work at Seattle Children’s Research Institute in the laboratory of Dr. David Rawlings, she focused on developing lentiviral gene therapies and lead a team who did ground breaking work using megaTAL nucleases to insert chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) via gene editing-mediated homologous recombination into the CCR5 locus of primary T cells for HIV therapy. In 2014, her desire to bring these types of therapies to the clinic on a larger scale lead her to move to Juno Therapeutics to help develop their research division. Since at Juno, she been instrumental in building their CAR T cell development platform, leading the multiple myeloma CAR T cell program, as well leading the collaboration with Editas medicine to bring CRISPER-mediated gene editing to CAR and TCR T cell products.

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