Elodie Sollier

Chief Scientific Officer

Vortex Biosciences

Elodie Sollier

Elodie is Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Vice-President Research & Development for Vortex Biosciences, heading the initiatives for the commercialization of microfluidic devices for cancer research and diagnostics. Elodie received a Physics Engineering Degree from Grenoble Institute of Technology and a PhD in Physics for Life Science from CEA LETI Minatec at Grenoble, France. Her PhD was followed by post-doctoral research in Bioengineering Department, University of California, Los Angeles, with Professor Dino Di Carlo. Her work resulted in the publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals, review papers, presentations in international conferences, and several patents including technologies licensed to Vortex Biosciences from UCLA.

Elodie’s expertise includes the development of new microfluidic devices for biological applications, focusing especially on blood sample preparation and analysis. She has been investigating different microfabrication approaches for transitioning from laboratory research to commercialization.

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