J. Brent Muhlestein

Co-Director of Cardiology Research, Intermountain Medical Center and Professor of Medicine

University of Utah

J. Brent Muhlestein

Dr. Joseph Brent Muhlestein is Director of Cardiology Research at Intermountain Medical Center and Professor of Medicine at University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his BS degree in chemistry from Brigham Young University and his MD degree from the University of Utah.  He completed his residency in internal medicine and fellowships in cardiology and interventional cardiology at Duke University. In 1992, after a short stay as faculty at Duke University, he moved to Salt Lake City where he has divided his time between caring for heart patients, directing cardiovascular research and teaching medical students and residents.  Dr. Muhlestein’s research interests include new interventional technologies, cardiovascular clinical outcomes, and the evaluation of possible underlying causes of, and novel risk factors associated with, the development and progression of atherosclerosis, the major underlying cause of heart attacks.

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