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Jamie Reno is a modern-day Renaissance man who is motivated by compassion and by looking beyond political, racial, socio-economic and national boundaries to find common ground. Jamie is one of America’s most accomplished investigative reporters. He’s also an acclaimed author, award-winning singer-songwriter-guitarist, and tireless national and global advocate for cancer patients and their families. Jamie is also a relentless supporter of war veterans, and kids. He’s a three-time survivor of stage IV cancer.

Jamie was a national correspondent for 20 years with Newsweek, where he covered 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans, the White House, cancer breakthroughs, China, and more. He’s also edited and written for such publications as the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, International Business Times, Yahoo Finance, Daily Beast, Healthline, People, Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and his acclaimed news blog The Reno Dispatch. Jamie has won more than 150 writing awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Press Club, and is a four-time winner of the Press Club’s top Best of Show award. Jamie is now an investigative reporter for Healthline, America’s second largest health news site with 80 million monthly visitors.

Recognized for his coverage of America’s veterans, Jamie’s reporting has highlighted and improved the lives of our former warriors suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and other emotional and physical wounds of war. The lead reporter on the groundbreaking Newsweek investigative series on the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Jamie, along with his colleagues, earned the Magazine Award for General Excellence, the highest honor in magazine journalism.

A three-time, 21-year survivor of stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Jamie is one of the world’s most respected and effective advocates for cancer patients and their families. Jamie has partnered on educational and empowering patient-focused projects with such organizations as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Lymphoma Research Foundation, The Children’s Treehouse Foundation, Steps for Living, Greg Wolf Fund, American Cancer Society, Cancer Care, the Asian Heritage Society and Vital Options International.

Jamie is also a gifted author whose book, Hope Begins in the Dark, is the most popular book ever written about lymphoma. An all-new, groundbreaking edition is scheduled for 2018.

Jamie’s new novel, Snowman on the Pitcher’s Mound, which is receiving glowing reviews, tells the poignant story of a 10-year-old boy who loves baseball and whose mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Jamie is publishing the novel as part of his new Pitcher’s Mound Project for children who have a parent with cancer. He is partnering on this initiative with the Children’s Treehouse Foundation, an esteemed nonprofit 501c3 organization based in Ciolorado.

The Treehouse Foundation’s CLIMB Program for kids who have a parent with cancer is already in 77 American cancer hospitals. The goal for Jamie and the Treehouse Foundation with this new initiative is to get these invaluable resources for families into more than 1,000 cancer hospitals in the US and around the world.

In his “other life,” Jamie is a popular singer-songwriter-guitarist who had a major-label record deal and who has performed and recorded his life-affirming songs with such legendary music artists as Peter Frampton, Charlie Daniels, and members of The Eagles, Chicago, The Beach Boys family, Poco, The Allman Brothers, The Doobie Brothers, Little River Band and Steely Dan. He earned a Best Song award from the San Diego Songwriter’s Guild’s Annual Song Contest.

Told when he was diagnosed with cancer that he would live three years, Jamie is an eternal optimist who has dedicated much of his life to urging and inspiring others who are facing adversity to keep fighting and keep smiling. Jamie was named Survivor of the Year by the Greg Wolf Fund, an organization dedicated to funding research in the fight against blood cancers and helping young cancer patients and their families, and won the San Diego Press Club’s special Drew Silvern Award for his journalism about and for cancer patients.

Jamie studied journalism and political science at San Diego State University, and studied marketing and media at Santa Barbara City College, where he was a debate captain and head of the poli-sci club and on the National Honor Roll. Jamie’s goals are to continue facilitating his diverse talents and vast resources to further advocate for and spread positive messages around the world to cancer patients and their families, war veterans and children.

Jamie lives in San Diego with his wife, Gabriela, and their daughter, Mandy.

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