Ling-Yang Hao

Principal Scientist, Immunology Biomarkers

Janssen R&D

Ling-Yang Hao

Ling-Yang is currently a Principal Scientist at Janssen R&D within Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical sector. His role focuses on providing biomarkers support for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) assets within Immunology Therapeutic Area. Ling-Yang has been working on biomarkers with Janssen R&D since 2015. Prior to joining Janssen R&D, Ling-Yang worked on target discovery around T lymphocyte metabolic space at Lycera Corp. Earlier in his career, Ling-Yang received his Ph.D. at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine studying telomere biology and DNA damage responses and trained as a post doctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania and Howard Hughes Medical Institute on mechanisms of neurodegeneration.

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