Mark Curran

Vice President, Immunology, Systems Pharmacology & Biomarkers


Mark Curran

Dr. Curran is currently Vice President of Immunology Systems Pharmacology and Biomarkers at Janssen Research & Development, LLC. His team is responsible for biomarker strategy, implementation, analysis and development and commercialization of companion diagnostics (Co-Dx) for immunology assets.

Mark’s experience in drug development includes seven years with Janssen and five years at Bristol Myers-Squibb. In addition to biomarker responsibilities he has lead clinical development and Phase 1 and 2 trials for multiple compounds in immunology. Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry, Mark gained valuable experience in biotech and venture oriented companies with focus on genomics, diagnostics and drug discovery.

Mark earned his doctorate in human genetics at the University of Utah, has authored over 40 scientific publications and holds multiple patents. He has contributed seminal discoveries in the field of heritable cardiac arrhythmias and developed the Familion™ diagnostic test for long QT syndrome. His primary interests are discovery of novel therapeutics, implementation of molecular diagnostics for personalized medicine and evolution of Digital Health Care and Integrated Patient Care Solutions to improve the lives of patients living with auto-immune disease.

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