Michael Howell

Senior Director of Translational Sciences

Incyte Corporation

Michael Howell

Michael Howell currently works as the Senior Director of Translational Research at the Incyte Corporation with a focus on immunological diseases. Dr. Howell received his PhD in Immunology from the West Virginia University School of Medicine and then moved onto National Jewish Medical and Research Center where he transitioned from a post doctoral fellow to Assistant Professor in the Division of Allergy and Immunology. While at NJMRC, he served as a Co-Investigator for the Atopic Dermatitis Vaccinia Network and made seminal discoveries in the role of Th2 cytokines on the barrier and innate immune responses of atopic dermatitis patients. Since transitioning to industry, Dr. Howell has held positions at Boehringer Ingelheim, the Immune Tolerance Network, MedImmune, and Incyte. Throughout his career, Dr. Howell has combined clinical and basic science approaches to evaluate inflammatory diseases. This research has been highlighted in national and international meetings, peer-reviewed publications and reviews on immunologic mechanisms and has led to recent patent applications for therapeutic interventions and biomarker strategies in inflammatory diseases.

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