Rachel Caspi

Chief, Immunoregulation Section


Rachel Caspi

Dr. Caspi is is a tenured senior investigator, Section Head and Chief of the Laboratory of Immunology, National Eye Institute, NIH. She also holds an Adjunct Professorship at the University of Pennsylvannia Sch. Med. Dr. Caspi’s research centers on immunology of the eye. A major direction is tolerance and autoimmunity to immunologically privileged retinal antigens in animal models of autoimmune uveitis, a potentially blinding human disease. She developed the mouse model of autoimmune uveitis, now in use worldwide. Her studies have elucidated many basic mechanisms of pathogenesis and helped to devise clinically relevant immunotherapeutic approaches. Her recent work emphasizes the Th17 response and the effects of the commensal microbiome on anti-retinal autoimmunity as well as on mucosal immunity and host defense at the ocular surface. She serves on journal Editorial Boards and is an organizer of ocular and general immunology conferences. Dr. Caspi is the recipient of the highly prestigious Friedenwald award and the Alcon Research Institute award, and has authored and co-authored over 240 publications.

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