Xiao Hu

Executive Director

Lycera Corp

Xiao Hu

Dr. Xiao Hu is currently Executive Director of Biology, head of the immune oncology group at Lycera Corp. He joined Lycera in 2010 bringing extensive experience in drug discovery, particularly around nuclear receptors, metabolic enzymes and gene regulation. Prior to Lycera Dr. Hu was a group and project leader at Pfizer/Pharmacia, where in 10 years he initiated and led multiple projects from idea to clinical testing, resulting in 4 successful IND filings and Phase I trials in inflammation/autoimmune/metabolic diseases. Since joining Lycera, Dr. Hu has held key leadership roles in projects targeting RORgamma for immunotherapy of cancer and for autoimmune diseases. He contributed significantly to the successful completion of Phase I and initiation of II trials of a RORgamma agonist compound in cancer patients. He has also been responsible for initiating and executing multiple new projects targeting novel immune oncology mechanisms.

Dr. Hu is an active member of SITC (Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer) and Endocrine Society. He received his B.S. from University of Science and Technology of China, Ph.D. from Indiana University and completed his postdoctoral training on transcriptional regulation of metabolism at University of Pennsylvania with Dr. Mitchell Lazar.

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