Start-up Corner at GTCbio

Satish Medicetty | June 23rd, 2017

GTCbio is undertaking a new initiative to support start-up companies. GTCbio’s “Ready, Set, Grow – New Company / New Technology Pitch Competition” at the focused therapeutic conferences is designed to provide visibility and expert feedback for the participating new companies and technologies.

GTCbio conferences provide a unique community of professionals from academia, biotech and pharma industry, contract research organizations, regulatory and funding agencies, all of which will provide an excellent opportunity for the start-up to seek feedback and identify potential advisors and partners.

In addition, the winner of the New Company/Technology Pitch Competition will receive $5000 monetary award from GTCbio’s Emerging Technology and Talent Fund (ETTF). Please review the Start-up Corner page for more information.

startup 300x300 - Start-up Corner at GTCbio