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Ready, Set, Grow – New Company/Technology Pitch Competition

GTCbio has been a pioneer in creating and organizing focused meeting platforms in healthcare sector to facilitate mentoring and partnering. GTCbio’s “Ready, Set, Grow – New Company/Technology Pitch Competition” at the focused therapeutic focused conferences is designed to provide visibility and expert feedback for the participating new companies and technologies. In addition, the winner of the competition will receive $5000 monetary award.

Who is eligible?

  • New companies that are <3 years from inception.
  • New technologies in initial stages of development and commercialization (this can be applied to companies over 3-years that are developing new technologies).

What is the process?

  • New companies/technologies will apply by completing the form below.
  • The application will go through preliminary review by GTCbio management and upon approval the applicant will receive a code to register for $500 for the respective conference and to submit additional information about the company/technology.
  • All applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts for the respective conference to select the top 5 applicants for oral presentation.
  • The applications will be rated based on the market need, proof of concept data and commercialization potential.
  • Only applications that are submitted 30-days prior to the respective conference will be considered for an oral presentation.
  • Applicants who have not been selected for the oral presentation will be eligible to attend the conference and present a poster at no additional cost.
  • The selected 5 applicants will each have 10 min (8 min presentation and 2 min Q&A) to pitch during the “Ready, Set, Grow – New Technology Competition Pitch” session.
  • The panel of reviewers will also rate the pitch at the conference and the audience will also have an opportunity to vote for their favorite pitch.
  • The company/technology with the highest votes will receive a monetary award of $5000 from GTCbio’s Emerging Talent and Technology Fund (ETTF), and a plaque from GTCbio at the award ceremony at the end of the conference.
  • The monetary award can be higher if any additional sponsors commit to join the ETTF for the respective conference.
  • GTCbio will also provide a full-speaking slot for the winner at the following year’s conference to continue our commitment to provide visibility for the winning company/technology.